Why every day is Christmas, and how much I love the Grocery Girls!

I love packaging up yarn. I love seeing what people choose to buy, and how the colours look together. I get excited seeing all the different places in the world my yarn is going to, and spend far too much time googling all the different locations. Packaging up yarn is kind of like wrapping Christmas presents for me... at Christmas I get excited thinking about how my loved ones are going to react when they open their presents, and I hope that all you lovely customers get excited when you see a package from Isis Fibre Arts in the mail.

Don't these look like Christmas presents to you?

As to why I love the Grocery Girls, there are so many reasons...  they are lovely and hilarious, they remind me of all the happy times I had growing up in Edmonton, and they are serious yarn enablers! I was so happy to be able to offer a special deal for viewers of the Grocery Girls podcast, and because of that I now have customers in more parts of the world! I'm sending my first package to Australia (G'day Ed! I'm glad #GGmadeyoudoit!), and to the Faroe Islands (Hallo Majfrid!), which I now know a lot about (thanks Google!) and might have to add to my travel bucket list! 

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you're having a wonderful long weekend!