Is that project bag really sold out??

I'm packing up for the Penticton Market tomorrow and I realized I need to note which project bags I'm taking. Since they're all one of a kind bags, and we don't necessarily have any more of a particular fabric to make another one with... I need to take some of them down just in case they sell at the market and through the online store on the same day... that would never do!!

But I don't really want to go through the work of taking the listing down and then putting it up again if that bag doesn't sell (lazy? okay... I'll own that...), so... I'm just changing the quantity online to zero, which makes it look like they're sold out. And they might be... they're pretty awesome in real life... but if you're looking at the site and a particular bag you'd like to have says it's sold out, check back either Saturday night or on Sunday, and I'll have updated the Project Bags page with all the bags that are still available.

And maybe with some new ones... like these beauties..... 

Oooohhh..... aaahhhhh.......  there's definitely an Asian theme with this bunch of bags... so pretty!! These ones are headed to the market tomorrow, but whichever ones don't sell will be up on the site on Sunday some time.