Yarn Bowls!

Yarn bowls are up on the site! I've got six of them at the moment, with more to come as my Dad makes them :)  Each one is unique and may or may not be repeated, depending on what wood is available and what Dad feels like making... I just leave the artist to his work! 

I've included the weight of each bowl in its description, as well as what wood the bowl is made of and the height and width. Shipping is based on weight, so there could be quite a discrepancy in shipping charges between bowls. You can add a bowl to the shopping cart to see what the shipping will be. 

I've added the bowls to what was the Project Bags page on the site; now it's calls Bowls & Bags. I've also got a bunch of new project bags to add, as soon as I take pictures, so while there aren't many bags listed right now, that will change soon!

Happy bowl shopping, and if everyone hates that one with the strip of Purple Heartwood in it, I would be super happy to keep that for myself ;)