New Beginnings

I’m a big fan of change, I have been my whole life. When I was a kid my dad was in the Canadian Armed Forces and we moved around a lot, which meant new homes, new schools, new friends. We lived in Germany (where I was born), a couple of cities in Quebec, then Edmonton, which is where we lived until, as an adult, I decided to move to British Columbia. I lived in the Vancouver area for several years (moving multiple times, of course!) before making the move to Penticton. This move was different though… I was looking to settle down in a small city with a slower pace of life. I wanted to live in one house for more than my four year average. I found a great house on a large lot with room for the dogs to play and a big vegetable garden. There were fruit trees - apple, pear, and cherry, as well as a walnut tree. It was perfect, and I was going to live there a long, long time. Have you guessed where this is going? Yeah….. I sold that house after four years…..

But I had a good reason! Okay, I always had a good reason for moving, but this one was more than just feeling the need for change. This time it was about Isis Fibre Arts. I needed a larger dye studio than the old house could handle. I loved that house, it was quirky and unique, but the layout wasn’t conducive to the kind of dye space I need. So I was on the house hunt again. But this time I did it differently. This time I decided to build. My build-a-house journey has been… complicated. And a lot longer than expected, which means I’m currently living in my parents spare room and dyeing in their kitchen. Thanks Mom and Dad!! Love you!!! I promise I’m moving soon!!!

It’s true - I am moving soon! I bought a 2.5 acre lot that’s kind of in the boonies, but only 15 minutes outside Penticton in a small neighborhood of acreages. I decided to go modular, which is where the main floor of the house is built in pieces in a factory. It’s faster, less expensive, and often better built than an on-site house. Plus I was able to design the layout myself so I’m getting exactly what I want. And… I got to watch my house fly!

The house is build into a slope with a full walkout basement, and the basement is where the magic happens! Yup… a full on dedicated yarn dyeing studio! It’s going to be glorious!! There’s still work to be done before I can move in, and then a lot more work building out the studio in the basement, but I’m on my way!

The last year has been a challenging one, and I’ve been pretty silent on the social media front. Besides building a house, having a burst appendix, and living with my parents, in June I lost my beloved golden retriever Charlie. Charlie’s loss devastated me. He was 11 years old and had been with me through a lot of change… new jobs, the end of my relationship, and a lot of homes. I wanted him to see the new house with all my furniture in it, explore the land, and know that this was our place. But that’s what I wanted… he probably didn’t care that we lived with my parents, in fact, he probably loved it. More people to rub him, more people around meant he was rarely alone, and I’m pretty sure my dad gave him a lot of treats when I wasn’t looking. He had a great life, and he knew how loved he was. Luckily I still have Isis, my coonhound husky mix. She just turned 6 a couple of weeks ago. She was lost when Charlie died too, because she’s never been an only dog, but she’s coming around. She loves running on the acreage, and she runs super fast - I need a fence! And once I’m settled in the new house, I maybe, possibly, just might get another dog. Who am I kidding… I’m totally getting a puppy… Isis needs a playmate!

Run free Charlie. You were always my very best boy.