New Colours! Carnation and Dandelion

Such happy spring colours! Pink and yellow, just in time for the tulips and Forsythia to bloom, and here in the Okanagan, just in time for the dandelions to start popping up in my lawn. Oh well... I just think about all the bees I'm feeding.

While I was taking these photos I realized how badly I need some good photography lights. My goal for pictures is to have the yarn colours pop on a white background. While the colourways are accurate (at least on this monitor), the background is kind of grey, which does not make me happy. Once I find a good price on professional lights I'll be able to redo the pictures, but in the meantime how about we agree to look at the yarn, and ignore the background, okay? :) 

While dyeing up the Carnation colourway I couldn't help stealing a skein of Fingering Sparkle to make myself a pair of socks. They make me happy whenever I put them on... such a pretty colour!